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Jul 31, 2018

This podcast is based on the Focused echocardiographic evaluation in life support and peri-resuscitation of emergency patients (FEEL) Study, and inferences made from it.

The study was to determine the feasibility of prehospital ultrasound, but there were more astonishing results:

  • 74.5% of patients in (pseudo) PEA had...

Jul 19, 2018


Wet, dry, or near drowning are not medically accepted terms and should not be used.

There is nothing “near” about drowning. It happened or it didn’t.

Drowning is:

“the process of experiencing respiratory impairment due to submersion or immersion in liquid.”


Drowning has three outcomes. This is...

Jul 12, 2018


  • Heat Stroke is broadly defined as a core temperature above 104 F with central nervous system abnormalities following strenuous exercise or environmental heat. - Wilderness Medical Society.
  • Heat cramps, exhaustion, illness, stroke etc. are a spectrum of a single illness (systemic non drug related hyperthermia)...